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Netcarbon Animation Studios creates concepts and produces animation series or features based on the concepts.

Our artists develop character designs, concept art and storyboards as part of pre-production and then create the 3D models and animate them.

We also license our concepts and characters to other studios for production.




Format : 3D Animation 26 X 11 minutes ( 13 X 22 minutes )

Concept :

A team of super powered toddlers roam the galaxy when their parents leave them everyday at the day care. They transport to their spaceship in orbit and leave holograms of themselves behind.

Assisted by their absent minded computer caretaker Atoq, the Supertots explore new planets, meet new alien friends and help their alien friends when they are in need of assistance. Often times these problems are the work of the evil genius Zeeboz, an over-zealous big-headed tantrum throwing toddler with an army of hip-hopping robot posse who likes to create trouble through-out the galaxy.

The Supertots adventures lead them to discover new knowledge, new experiences and to imagine creative ways to solve problems while at the same time having to handle their differences and learn about friendship & teamwork all before they have to beam back to the day care for pickup.

The captain of the team is Captain Danny, a self-sure, overconfident toddler the eldest of the bunch with the power of a nano-armour that can transform into various devices at his will. But his gung-ho actions more than often gets the team in trouble.

Captain Danny is assisted by his Science Officer Elly, an over analytical, neatness obsessive telekinetic. Elly would think up of Plan A to Plan Z when what the team needs is a fast solution to their problem. But most of the time her well thought our plans would save the day.

Alan is the team’s communications officer, the youngest in the team and he can’t yet talk. The only person who understands his mumbling is Elly. He has yet to discover his powers but sometimes in times of need it will manifest itself in surprising ways.

The team’s Security Officer is Shasha whose power is super strength and can fire beams of peace-loving rays that will temporarily turn aggressive enemies into friendly, peace loving friends. Shasha is overly optimistics and sees cute and cuddly in everything.

Blinq is the team’s Chief Engineer who is always ready and alert to the captain’s command. He has super speed but unfortunately is clumsy which can be a recipe for disaster which sometimes gets himself into trouble.








Format : 2D Animation 26 X 22 minutes

Concept :

10,000 years ago a technologically advanced civilization called the Nagasakti, or the Empire of the Sacred Dragon ruled the Earth. The Nagasakti possessed flying ships, doors that open to faraway places and an energy source that rivals the sun. Protecting the empire from evil is a race of pure-hearted warriors called the Dragonlords.

But the civilization and its warriors vanished suddenly without a trace. Only ancient Greek texts and Egyptian hieroglyphs whisper of their existence. Some say they where consumed by the sea. Yet others hint at a more sinister ending.

In the present day, a teenager named Daniel is bestowed with the powers of the Dragonlord while on an archeological dig to a Nagasakti ruin. Daniel has to use this power and his knowledge of science to unravel ancient myths and mysteries before dormant evils are awaken and fulfill millennia old prophecies of destruction.

As a teenager, Daniel will have to learn to balance between friendships and his responsibilities while he emotionally struggles to keep his secret from family and friends.